Flowing River Martial Arts

If you would not have a man flinch when the crisis comes,

train him before it comes.

-- Seneca

At Flowing River Martial Arts we practice becoming better. We study hap ki do, tae kwon do, and techniques from other martial arts that have proven effective in defending against varied attacks.

We teach a way to live that follows the path of peace. Peace comes from inside where an individual has come to a place where he is in control of himself. Each person learns to control himself, and by this, learns to control others or the situation.

Our goal is to help people become a better version of themselves. We work on building personal traits such as respect, focus, discipline, patience, etc.

There is one enemy we train to defend against - ourselves. If you can master yourself, you can control your life.

The teens class meets with the adult class on Thursdays from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM.