FRMA Form 1

FRMA Form 1 (Karate)

FRMA Form 1 (Karate)

Form 1 is based on concepts found in karate like hard strikes and kicks. Direct and powerful defense and attack to knock out or break through your opponent.


  1. Start in a relaxed, natural stance. In Japanese, this is called shizentai.
  2. Step forward and execute a rising block with the left hand.
  3. Throw three front punches. One high, one middle, one low.
  4. Turn to the left and use the left hand to do a downward block.
  5. Use three kicks against your imagined attacker. Front kick, round kick, side kick.
  6. Imagine you are grabbed from behind and turn to the left 180 degrees to deliver an outward block with the left hand followed by alternating vertical punches to the ribs.
  7. Step forward and use your right hand to do an inward block, then rebound off their arm with an outward shuto (knife hand strike) to the collar bone and circle around with an inward shuto to their other collar bone or neck.
  8. Step forward with the left leg and deliver a powerful tiger claw to the chest.
  9. Face 90 degrees to the right and slide your left leg in and forward. At the same time, perform a downward block with the right hand and an outward block with the left.
  10. Step forward with the right leg and switch your blocks (downward block with the left and outward witht the right)
  11. Step forward with the left leg. Simultaneous downward block with the right hand, outward with the left.
  12. Step forward with the right leg. Downward block with the left hand, outward with the right.
  13. The final attacker punches from your rear side. You turn 180 degrees to the left, and move your right leg over to be in a right leg back fighting stance. Deliver an outward knife hand block and slide down their arm to a wrist grab. Step forward with your right leg and deliver a right elbow to the side of the head and follow through with a right backfist to the opposite side.
  14. Step back into a fighting stance.
  15. Shizentai.

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