FRMA Form 2

FRMA Form 2 (Kung Fu)

FRMA Form 2 (Kung Fu)

The Flowing River Martial Arts form 2 is based on Kung Fu.

It focuses on opposing forces (Yin and Yang) and dynamic movements that are seen in the animal kingdom.


  1. Stand with feet together and hands in a praying position, palms together.
  2. Hands split quickly with one going up and the other going down. The feet also separate about shoulder width apart.
  3. Make a circle (yin and yang) and both hands end up in the center again with one hand gong to the front and the other in the back, closer to the body. Feet turn slightly in as the hands end up in front.
  4. Deliver five punches with the hands going from your sternum to the attacker. Your punch goes over the top of the other hand which is returning to your body under the punching had. The fists will be punching in a circular barrage.
  5. Kung Fu ring moves. Alternating inward blocks and downward blocks in a circle.
  6. Fist out, circling down and across other arm. Change stance (each foot touches back of other knee) and bring second hand down in a strike. Turn to the front and do cross, jab.
  7. Step back and to the right at a 45 degree angle into a crane stance. Right hand in the air, palm up. Left hand in close to the body in prayer stance. Left hand comes forward and right hand goes as as left foot steps forward and out. Step with the right foot then left foot in a circle. Right leg kicks left hand and right hand comes forward into palm strike as left hand goes to the side in a crane's beak.
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