The higher law of balance

So, the other day I was watching a video of a martial arts master. He was a Shoalin monk doing kung fu. It was beautiful and powerful. But I noticed something that I thought was off. Some of his stances had him on only one foot. I’ve been teaching for over twenty years that to … Read more

If you want them to move, move them

Last night, we practiced getting ourselves into a balanced state while defending against and attack. The two main thoughts or objectives during this exercise were getting and keeping our own balance while the attacker was trying to take ours, and taking their balance while they were trying to keep their own. This was mostly a … Read more

Skateboard Balance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your balance and fallen on your face at work? Me too. During the day, I’m a T-SQL programmer. I work at a standing desk. To make use of all this time standing, there’s one thing I do to work on my balance. I stand on a skateboard. I … Read more