Tae Kwon Do

Although tae kwon do is not one of the 5 core arts that we practice, there are things to be learned from most other arts, including this one.

Tae kwon do is an art that focuses on kicks and strikes and strives for precision in their movements. It is more of a linear art and is very direct in it’s blocks and attacks. One of the things you can find in a tae kwon do class that demonstrates their power is board breaking.

Another thing that tae kwon do is known for is their forms. Forms are a great way to practice certain movements over and over to learn to be more precise and automatic with a group of techniques.

For those who want to practice patterns and work on making some things automatic, here are the eight poomse forms of tae kwon do.

Form 1

Form 2

Form 3

Form 4

Form 5

Form 6

Form 7

Form 8