Should we beat up bullies?

I saw a video a while back of a kid in school who was being picked on by another kid. After a bunch of verbal abuse and then some actual punches thrown by the bully, the victim had enough and picked the bully up and slammed him to the ground. I thought “yes, justice is … Read more

The higher law of balance

So, the other day I was watching a video of a martial arts master. He was a Shoalin monk doing kung fu. It was beautiful and powerful. But I noticed something that I thought was off. Some of his stances had him on only one foot. I’ve been teaching for over twenty years that to … Read more

Deflect, Trap, and Throw

Last night we practiced a defense against a punch that uses a move we haven’t done before. First, we did one that was simple and more familiar. When they punch with the right hand, we do an inside push block with our left hand as we are stepping forward with our left foot. Then we … Read more