Deflect, Trap, and Throw

Last night we practiced a defense against a punch that uses a move we haven’t done before. First, we did one that was simple and more familiar. When they punch with the right hand, we do an inside push block with our left hand as we are stepping forward with our left foot. Then we … Read more

If you want them to move, move them

Last night, we practiced getting ourselves into a balanced state while defending against and attack. The two main thoughts or objectives during this exercise were getting and keeping our own balance while the attacker was trying to take ours, and taking their balance while they were trying to keep their own. This was mostly a … Read more

Ground Choke Defense

Last night, we went to the next step of the previous scenario, which was the circle, block, takedown. This time, we took the role of the guy on the ground being choked. So we got taken down to the ground and got our arm free from the figure four and our opponent then goes inside … Read more