Sometimes the best way to catch something is to drop it

The other day, I was holding the lid to a bottle of vitamins. I had the bottle in my other hand and a couple vitamins in the hand with the lid. I didn’t have the best grip on the lid and couldn’t quite get it screwed back on without dropping it. But I didn’t drop it. Or rather, I didn’t drop it accidentally.

I dropped it on purpose. Like a controlled burn. I did it on purpose to make sure I was more in control.

This is a great concept. The best way to catch something is to drop it (consciously).

Sometimes, we try to hard to make the most of a bad situation when in fact, what we should do instead is start over and just create a better situation.

When we try to salvage something, we accept all the limitations and therefore our options are limited.

There’s a scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi when Rey is fighting Snoke’s guards and gets her light saber hand grabbed and controlled. So she drops the weapon and catches it with her other hand. Problem solved.

This is a great example of what we’re talking about here. When you are limited by the boundaries of the current state, let go.

It’s like the story of the monkey with his hand caught in a jar. In case you haven’t heard it, there was a monkey who reached into a jar to get a nut. Once he had his hand around it, his fist was too big to pull out of the hole in the jar. Because he would not let go of the nut, he was trapped.

Don’t be like the monkey trapped in the jar. If the current situation doesn’t suit you, drop it and catch it in a way that does.

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