Jackie Chan: Green Hero

Jackie Chan is awesome. One of my favorite people. I have loved his movies for years. But now, I’m learning more about him as a person and discovering many more reasons to be a fan.

He is very well rounded. He’s a great actor and terrific martial artist. But it goes way beyond that.

I’ll get the chance to meet him tonight. He is opening an exhibit here in Utah at The Leonardo museum called Jackie Chan: Green Hero.

This project is being brought to the U.S. by Jackie from China in an effort to spread the message and the lifestyle of taking care of our planet.

Jackie is an avid recycler and goes far beyond most people in his efforts to make the planet better for everyone. When he goes into a public bathroom, he uses the used paper towels to clean the floor. Then he washes up, uses one small paper towel to dry his hands, and uses his feet to smash down the paper towels in the garbage can.

On the set of his movies, he reportedly will come out of the bathroom and ask “who’s next”. After eight or 10 stunt men use it, then they flush!

Similar to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Jackie has pledged the bulk of his wealth to charity.

He also holds more than one honorary doctorate, speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English, AND American Sign Language (what?!?), and a little bit of Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and Thai. He also holds faculty positions at two schools as a teacher and a dean.

Jackie is a classically trained vocalist who has several pop albums out, and has sung many of the songs in his movies.

He does most of his own stunts, and on top of acting in the movies, plays the roles of action director, stunt coordinator, martial arts choreographer, director, writer and producer.


So if you are still wondering why I am such a huge fan of Jackie Chan, I don’t know what to tell you.

Hopefully, though, you’re not wondering. You’re just inspired.