The best way to win

We all want to win in life. Well, most of us, anyway, but that’s a different topic.

How we go about winning is the important thing. There are at least two ways to win. The first is to work really hard, practice, get better, overcome your obstacles, etc., and reach or surpass your target.


The other way is to stop others from achieving the goal, and make sure you end up just in front of them at the end of the day.


Does anyone really want to win the second way? Well, yeah. Do I? No.

Should you? No.

To me, there really is only one way to win. The first way. You set a goal or a target somewhere beyond where you have been or where you are now and then work hard to make yourself better.

The idea of being first by making sure that others lose is (in my opinion) not actually winning.

Really, the only reason for competing against others is to have other examples of how good you, yourself might be. At least that’s what true competitors see. It’s the defeating of your old self that makes you great. It’s the triumph over giving up or not giving enough that makes you feel like a winner.

Other people are not the opposition, but the inspiration. If they are better than you, they should serve as a motivation for you get hustling and get better.

And sometimes, you work so hard and get so good that you end up as THE winner. The best of a group of people trying to be the best they can be. But most of the time you are not THE winner of the group. Most of the time you’re not.

But that doesn’t mean you are not A winner. In order to be A winner, you have to beat yourself. And know that you did your best. If you think you have to always be THE winner, or you are one of all the losers, then you’re not really winning at all.

You resort to cheating. You nitpick the rules and look for a way to exploit the fine print. You accept winning on a technicality as a victory.

To those who see the true nature of winning, this brings no joy, no satisfaction.

So take a look at the way you go after a win. Are you trying to better than you’ve ever been or are you heading for a target with the lame hope that everyone else falls short?

Be a true winner. Work hard to make yourself better and appreciate that everyone else should too.

Then we all win.

Go get it.