Deflect, Trap, and Throw

Last night we practiced a defense against a punch that uses a move we haven’t done before.

First, we did one that was simple and more familiar.

When they punch with the right hand, we do an inside push block with our left hand as we are stepping forward with our left foot. Then we deliver an elbow to their face or chest.


The second one we did was more dynamic and has more potential to end the fight.

This time, as they punch, we block with our left and guide their arm under our right arm as we step forward with the left foot and hook our right arm under their right arm.

We pull them in tight and move our hips around so we are facing the same direction as them. We pull them down over our back, stick our hips under theirs, and pull them over our right side.

The throw happens from the twisting of our shoulders and the pop of our hip.

Your practice partner will need to do a good break fall. This is a good throw.

The counter is to move back, lower your hips, or just generally keep distance between you and the person trying to throw you.

That’s it. Hopefully no one is too sore this morning from being thrown.

See you next week.

Crowe Sah bu nim

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