Focus on your path to get past distractions and reach your goal

Sometimes the Path to Your Goals is Unclear

My neighbor’s sprinklers get secondary water all over my car’s windshield. That means that when I’m driving to work in the morning with the sun just coming up over the mountains, there’s a glare that makes it difficult to see. And my washer fluid does almost nothing to clear it up.


The usual instinct when driving under these conditions is to focus even harder on looking at the road through the glare on the windshield.
What I do instead is change my focus to something that’s more effective – the lines on the road.


Find Something to Focus On

By focusing on the lines, I make sure I stay right on my intended path, without having to deal with all the distractions through the clouded view and glare. I still see what’s going on ahead with the fact that my field of view takes it all in, but my focus is no longer on several indiscriminate things, but one definite thing.


This is just like practicing martial arts. There are always distractions – and there should always be one goal, or one intent. If you focus on everything going on around you instead of your one intent, you’ll work too hard on the wrong things, and you may be defeated.

Life in general is the same

With any goal in life, you need to figure out your true intended path. What is your one goal in the moment.


Focus on that. Keep track of the surroundings, but focus on the specific thing or things that will definitely take you where you want to go.


Focusing on your true intent will bring you right to your true goal.

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