What goes down must come up

I went for a quick run at work today. I locked my computer and set out for just like five minutes of exercise. Just around my building.

Well, as I got going, I felt really good and decided to go around the building next door too. I was going downhill and it seemed so effortless, I thought I would get in even more than I planned.

Then the ground leveled out and it was harder. Eventually, to get back to my building, I had to go uphill.

Then it hit me. What goes down must come up. The uphill half, which was the second half was harder in a couple respects.

  1. It was harder because I wasn’t expecting it.
  2. It was much harder in comparison to the ease of going downhill.
  3. It was harder because it was at the end, after I’d already expended a bunch of energy to get that far.

There are two things I thought of that I need to do to not feel that bad again.

First, I can rearrange my workout to put the hard stuff before the easy stuff. That sounds good.

But what sounds even better is to rearrange my thinking to plan for and expect it to get harder.

When we wear ourselves down and then do hard stuff, we get stronger. And I’m not training to get softer.

So along with working my body, I need to remember to work my mind. Because strength and endurance are not just for the body. It’s also – maybe even more so – for the mind.





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