Skateboard Balance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost your balance and fallen on your face at work? Me too.

During the day, I’m a T-SQL programmer. I work at a standing desk. To make use of all this time standing, there’s one thing I do to work on my balance. I stand on a skateboard.

I also listen to music and move around while trying to balance and type at the same time (while trying to solve complex coding problems in my head).

It’s one of the best things I’ve tried for improving my balance. Especially my unconscious balance.┬áBy doing other things that require my main focus, it forces me to learn balance deeper – on a level that I won’t have to think about during times I really need it.

To step it up a bit, I do things like eat and drink on the skateboard. Now, I’m still right in front of my desk while doing all these things, not rolling down the street (or hallway). But it’s a huge challenge.

Try it. Try standing on a skateboard while drinking. You tilt your head back and adjust to the balance shift while you make sure you don’t spill all over the front of your shirt. Now, as you finish that sip and tilt your head forward again, you have to not fall off the front of the board.

It sounds easy, right? Try it. I think you’ll see the benefits.

And, it’s actually really fun.

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