Block, figure four choke, takedown

Last night in class, we practiced a new technique.

The is a standing defense for a punch. They punch with the left hand and we do a quick outward block with our right hand.

Our right hand then goes quickly to the outside of their left arm as we step in and slide their arm to the top of our shoulder. Our right arm circles around over the top of their left shoulder and comes up under their chin.

Our left arm comes up to the side of the opponent’s neck and our right hand grabs our left wrist completing the choke. This is a very effective choke.

Rather than stop there, though, we step in with our right foot and use our hips and shoulders to throw them to the ground, letting go as we get to a deep horse stance.

From the other person’s perspective, we practiced the counter for this.

As soon as they come up to our neck, we reach up and grab their hand to take the pressure off our neck. We then move toward them and drop our hips so we control our center of gravity.

This should neutralize their move.

If you can’t get your hand up and your hips in fast enough and they get the throw, we then palm the back of their neck or grab the collar of their shirt and pull them in on top of us as we go down.

We’ll build more on this next week.

Enjoy your practice until then.

Crowe Sah bu nim


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