Ground Choke Defense

Last night, we went to the next step of the previous scenario, which was the circle, block, takedown.

This time, we took the role of the guy on the ground being choked.

So we got taken down to the ground and got our arm free from the figure four and our opponent then goes inside our collar to put a choke on us.

The first move we make is to place our hands on their elbows and push down toward our legs. This takes some of the pressure off our neck. Since they are focusing their energy toward our neck, they are not as able to defend against our force which is going 90 degrees to to the side of their force.

Now we move our hands in, pushing with our forearms as we cross our hands and trap their arms to our chest. This releases (or at least eases) their grip on our neck and makes the two of us one unit.

We take our arm that is on topĀ  and slide it up to the side of their head that is opposite the side of the arm we use. Our other arm continues to pin both of their arms to our chest.

We lift our hips using our leg that is on the same side as the side of their head our hand is on and thrust them off of us as we push their head.

We hang on and ride the momentum of our throw so that we end up on top of them with one arm still pinning both their arms and our other arm pinning their leg, and cocked, ready to punch.

We end up in the guard position with the option of then passing the guard and ending up in a mount position.

We also talked a bit about what to do in different scenarios outside the norm, like defending against someone bigger and stronger.

That’s all for now.

See you next week.

-Crowe Sah Bu Nim

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