Circle, Block, Takedown

In last night’s class, we practiced a series of moves in response to a punch attack. Here’s the breakdown of the moves.

The attacker punches with their right hand and we step forward and to our left while using our right arm for an outward block circling around to a trap (dorio).

Our left hand follows closely after our right arm and circles around their right shoulder ending up with out left knife-hand under their chin (makhu).

With their right arm securely pinned under ours, and our hand under their chin, we step back and turn our torso to our left, pushing up and around on their chin to take them to the ground on our left side. We hang on to their right arm.

Now, with them on their back and us in a solid kneeling stance, we put their right arm in a figure four. If they struggle or try to hit us with their left arm, we pull up on their right arm to control them.

From here, we practiced letting them out of the figure four so we can practice what to do if they get out of it.

Once we let go and they start punching or grabbing us, we take our right hand and place it palm up inside the right collar of their do bok, blocking their hands as we go.

We slide our left hand palm up inside the left collar of their do bok. With our hands crossed, we slide our hands back till our fingers reach the ground behind them. We now grab the do bok tightly with both hands and pull our hands apart while we apply downward pressure. This should create a firm strangle.

Next week, we’ll go over what to do if we are the person who initiated the first grab and are now on our back being strangled. See you then.

-Crowe Sah Bu Nim

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